Bet365 - New Year Specials 2022

2021 flew by in a flash and we are sure you are looking forward to 2022 being just that tad bit better. Well, thankfully, we are in a business where we can bet on how things are going to turn out in the new year. Bet365 has put together a list of its New Year 2022 markets where you can make predictions about the coming year.

Here are some of our favorite ones as well as how we think they may turn out! These betting markets are not limited to cricket and explore a number of different sports.

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Bet365 - New Year Specials 2022

IPL Cricket 2022 - Top Indian Batter

Ruturaj Gaikwad (9.00)

IPL 2022 is going to see some huge changes as two new teams come into the mix, players move to different teams, and captaincy changes hands. We like this betting market because it takes away the unknowns associated with all of these things and allows you to bet on the players. It is also just concerned about the Indian batters and so it increases your chances of success somewhat.

Well, our pick for this betting market is Ruturaj Gaikwad. 

He seems to have taken his batting to a whole different level and just reeled off four consecutive centuries in the Vijay Hazare Trophy as well. It looks certain that is about to make the jump to international cricket and we believe his form is just going to continue going upwards. 

At a return of 9x, betting on Ruturaj Gaikwad is well worth the risk.   

2022 Golf Major Cuts 

Bryson DeChambeau to make all 4 Major Cuts (2.25)

Bryson DeChambeau has made the cut at every Major since the 2019 US Open. That is six Major’s in a row that he has made the cut. He also ended up winning the 2021 US Open and spent the most weeks as the number one ranked player in the previous season. 

With the most distance off the tee, an incredible short game, and irons that seem to do his bidding at will, Bryson DeChambeau could just be getting into the prime of his career. He is also extremely motivated and that is a big factor in our backing him for this bet as well. 

Neymar to Score 5 or more goals in 2022 World Cup Finals?

Yes (4.33)

Brazil has already confirmed its place in the 2022 World Cup Finals and one of its central playmakers in Qatar is going to be Neymar. He seemed to have lost some of his zip and gained a bit of weight but is once again making an impact at PSG. There is also something about the football World Cup and the emotion it evokes in Brazil. 

Neymar is going to be primed and ready when it comes around and we think he is going to make a big impact. 

Fernando Alonso to win an F1 Race in 2022 (Excluding Sprints)

Yes (15.00)

There were five different winners in F1 in 2021 and while Estaban Ocon, Alonso’s teammate was one of them, Alonso was not. However, we got to see the hunger and drive of Fernando Alonso on many occasions and there is no doubt that he is still capable of winning. 

The regulations are going to change F1 a lot in 2022 and it remains to be seen which teams adapt the best. If we look at the kind of progress that Alpine made during the second half of 2021, we are hopeful that they will be one of the strongest contenders in 2022 as well. 

At a return of 15x, this is one of the best betting markets that Bet365 has put out for its New Year Specials.


Bet365 New Year Specials 2022

There are a number of other very good betting markets that are available for bettors and we encourage you to check them out. There is one piece of advice that you should keep in mind, though, while checking out the different betting markets. 

COVID is still a big issue and it can change the calendar of a sport or put in doubt the participation of a player in just a matter of a minute. This is why make sure there is a void clause in case something like this happens. You will get your money back and not end up losing anything. 

Bet365 is very transparent with sharing the terms and conditions associated with all of its betting markets. Read full review for Bet365 and why it is extremely safe to be with this bookmaker. 

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