How to win real money betting in online Cricket in India 2021!

How to win real money betting in online Cricket in India 2021!


Cricket, more than many sports genres, is ideal for betting of all kinds on all aspects of the game. Therefore, cricket betting is at the forefront of several aspects of sports betting. Of these, undoubtedly the most interesting for cricket fans is the live betting option. Many sports bookmakers used by sports fans have become accessible to the point Cricket betting of being able Fun88 App to bet on live matches.


Successful cricket betting must take into account many factors unique to the sport. Not only is it about team selection, form, and player history, but to best predict a cricket match, bettors must know the weather forecast, the cricket pitch itself, and the condition of the field being used for the match.


First, you should know that some cricket matches are Fun88 defined in one day (20, 40, or 50 overs), but others can last up to 5 days.


The latter are international matches, known in the environment as 'Test Matches'. In addition to the World Cup and Test Matches, to which we have already alluded above, the games corresponding to Twenty20 stand out in terms of importance.


They are usually matches lasting around 3 hours. fun88

Cricket Match India 2021

When it comes to understanding how cricket betting works, the first logical step is to understand the game perfectly and, as in other sports, to carry out an adequate study of the teams that are facing each other and of the event in general.


The physical and mental state of the protagonists can be decisive in the outcome of a cricket game, especially in those that last for many hours and days.


It is also advisable to pay attention to various factors such as injuries and weather, which sometimes play an influential role.


The team that records the most runs will win, which is the focus of many of the betting markets.

  1. 1) Learn how cricket is played. How are you going to bet on the number of points if you don't know how to score them? That is why before placing sports bets, we recommend you study and learn how cricket is played so that you have the necessary background to start betting.

  2. It is not necessary to be an expert, the only thing you need to do is to know the basics of this sport since the rules will allow you to understand the game, and understanding the game will help you to know how to play. For this, you have many options like opening Google and search: How to play cricket?
  4. 2) Watch cricket games. Ok, you've learned everything you need to know about cricket, now it's time to put that knowledge to the test. To do this, we recommend that you start watching cricket games from around the world.
  6. This is the only way you will be able to apply the theory you learned by reading and put it into practice. Examples make retention better, Fun88 which will make understanding points like the following much easier. All this translates into better odds of winning when placing sports bets.
  8. 3) Know the types of cricket bets. While sports often share betting types such as single, combination, and system bets, not all these are handled in the same way. For example, we cannot bet on goals in cricket as this sport does not work the same way as soccer.
  10. That is why we recommend that you pay attention to the different characteristics that make up the cricket sports betting system. To get to this point, you must know what cricket is and how it is played because without these basics this point will be difficult to fulfill.
  12. 4) Betting on the Cricket World Cup. The most important event in the world of cricket is the World Cup since here a global cup is played between the best teams of the nations where cricket is as popular as soccer.
  14. Here you will not only find a lot of games full of excitement, but you will also have the benefit that many people choose to bet on the world cup. All this will give you a lot of advantages when it comes to betting such as higher odds and more attractive purses.
  16. 5) Practice, practice, practice, practice.
  17. So you can find the perfect combination or formula when betting, we recommend you to make tests so you can know what works and what doesn't. This is one of the most common secrets of betting. This is one of the most common secrets among the best sports bettors.
  19. Here you can implement many strategies, for example, make sports bets that vary by one or two points, so you can see what works best. The ideal is to place low bets until you gain enough experience to be able to start placing much higher and riskier bets, so you reduce the risk of losses.

What to consider before betting on Online Cricket:


The basic bet is naturally on the winner of the match, as in most sporting events. In this case, cricket games usually have attractive odds, since at the highest level virtually anyone can beat anyone.


When the alternative of the draw is also available and we have detected a more or less favorite team, the 'Double Chance' is an interesting option to cover us.


For those who are really into it and know each of the players, betting on the best hitter of the team -usually- offers very good odds.


Live cricket online betting also stands out for its excitement, dynamics, and adrenaline. In that sense, guessing how many runs a team will make in total is undoubtedly one of the most attractive modalities.


Of course, to get involved in this market you need to have certain knowledge and a good dose of experience.


This type of bet is influenced by the number of players eliminated by a team, the field on which they play, the over (set of 6 pitches) on which they are, which of the two teams bats first, and the quality of the last 4 or 5 batters.

  • The outcome of the match: Simply choose which side will win the match. It can be by intuition, form, or conditions. It's pretty routine and the same format as any other sport.
  • Top hitter: Again, this is fairly routine.
  • You select the batter who will score the most runs per round or in the game. This can be divided into three markets: top hitter in the game, top hitter for Team A, and top hitter for Team B.
  • Top Pitcher: The same process requires the maximum bowler, simply select the bowler who will knock down the most wickets. This can be divided into three markets: top bowler of the match, top bowler of Team A, and top bowler of Team B.
  • Farewell modes: Bettors can bet on the main method of walk-off during a match. There will be odds on batters being knocked down, caught, run over, struck out, or any other method.
  • Runs scored: This can be during a complete over or a specific period of the match. For example, in a Test match, a player can place a bet on the number of runs he will score in the opening over and so on for the 10 wickets.

Cricket online betting India 2021


  • However, it can also be used for the number of runs scored in a particular session. In shorter cricket formats, popular markets include the number of runs that can be scored when fielding restrictions are applied in the early stages of the match.
  • Wickets lost: This can follow the same pattern as runs scored, but replacing runs with wickets. When will the first wicket fall or how many wickets will fall in a period of the game.
  • Man of the Match: As with any sporting event, there is a market for the man of the match. Simply choose the player you think will be the man of the match from the available odds.
  • Sports Books Support: The best sports betting sites contain information on many of these factors of the game. Some even offer ways to counter some of the variables and nuances involved in cricket betting.
  • Many will offer numerous and attractive bonuses and promotions. Some will offer bets on an ongoing cricket match. Generally, most types of cricket betting have been pre-game bets, so all betting ceases once the match has started.
  • Often described as a direct benefit of online betting, placing live cricket bets is rapidly gaining popularity by adding a whole new level to the exciting world of cricket betting. Gamblers can watch the game and place bets as the match unfolds. And, as the game unfolds, boundaries are reached and wickets are taken, the odds are constantly changing.
  • The ebb and flow of a cricket match: The changing odds, depending on the scoreline plus other factors, make for very interesting betting as a match ebb and flows over the five days. The amount of cricket betting available increases dramatically and bettors can judge their wagers according to the flow of the game.
  • If a team is dominating but has not yet taken grounds, that would be the perfect time for a shrewd player to bet.
  • This type of cricket betting is not just limited to cricket betting, and is available with most sports, with some of the most popular sports in India, besides cricket being tennis and soccer. But even darts games often offer this betting option, so the selection is quite wide.
  • The online revolution: The enhanced range of cricket betting now available is entirely due to the dramatic improvement in mobile technology over the last decade. As we celebrate the first ten years after the production of the first iPhone, observing the increasingly influential effect that the mobile industry has had on life includes the ability to place live sports bets.
  • This means that you will have access to the latest and most innovative sports betting options, which include the very popular live cricket betting activity. Even more than other options, remember, is that emotional intelligence is more important to the success of live sports betting.
  • Experienced bettors who can make their emotions work for them rather than control them will be more astute and perceptive to the nuances and changes in the mood of the match.

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