BTC vs GHG Match Prediction & Betting Tips - Jun 10, 2020

BTC vs GHG Match Prediction - Jun 10, 2020

The Bengal Tigers Club (BTC) has lost both their matches in the Finnish Premier League so far and is now going to be playing against the GYM Helsinki Gymkhana (GHG) in this match. GHG is coming into this match on the back of an impressive win where its bowling managed to stage a pretty good comeback.

There is still plenty of time in the tournament but three losses in a row can be difficult to recover from.

BTC vs GHG FPL T20 is going to be played at the Karava National Cricket Ground, Kerava on the 10th of June 2020.

BTC vs GHG Team Previews

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club

BTC may have lost both of its two matches in the T20 competition but it did manage to win both of its scheduled T10 matches. That would have lifted the spirits of the team and helped it develop a more positive frame of mind.

The format may be different but most of the players remain the same and success is always the best way to bring a team together.

The batting of BTC relies very heavily on Nurul Huda. He opened the batting in the previous T20 match and could bat in the top-3 once more. There is no point in hiding your best batsman down the order in T20 cricket anyway.

Muhammad Imrul Abedin, Mhinuddin-Al Belal, and Tonmoy Saha are some of the other players that need to make a contribution for BTC in the batting.

Tonmoy Saha will lead the bowling attack and be well supported by Belayat Khan.

We often see in teams at this level of cricket that two or three players play the leading role in every aspect of the team. Belayat Khan, Nurul Huda, and Tonmoy Saha are three such players. Their performances will dictate how far BTC goes in this tournament.

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club Playing 11

Tonmoy Saha, Belayat Khan, Muhammad Abedin, Rony Sardar, Habib Al Amin, Mohammad Ripon, Muhammad Hasnat, Mehran Amin, Sarwar Jahan, Nurul Huda, Tushar Sarker.

GYM Helsinki Gymkhana

GHG registered a fine victory against FPC in its previous match. That was a match that GHG should have lost and at one point, seemed to do so. An excellent fightback by the bowlers of GHG, though, ensured that it would get its first win of FPL 2020.

We are not convinced about GHG’s batting, though. Their highest-scorer was Muhammad Ghawas who came in at number 7. None of the top-order was able to score any significant runs, not a single six was hit in the entire match, and a total of just six boundaries were hit in the inning.

GHG was lucky that their opponent collapsed while chasing an under-par total otherwise they would have lost both their matches as well.

Muhammad Ghawas continued to have an excellent game with the ball as he picked up three wickets for just 14 runs. Ahmed Jaleel and Atti Rehman both bowled well as the overall bowling strength of GHG appeared to be pretty decent.

If GHG can improve its batting, it is going to be a difficult opponent to get past but hoping for a player to have a brilliant game to bail you out is not going to work for very long.

GYM Helsinki Gymkhana Playing 11

Faisal Shahzad, Simaranjit Brar, Pankaj Sharan, Shahid Gondal, Ahmad Jaleel, Muhammad Hassan, Muhammad Gawas, Irfan Yousefzai, Javed Jan, Zubair Tariq, Atti Rehman.

BTC vs GHG Toss Prediction

The team that wins the toss is going to want to bat second because of all the rain around.

Read our guide on toss predictions to learn how we analyze and come up with our tips.

Pitch and Conditions

There is a lot of rain around Karava for the next few days. We could have a completely rained-out game or a shortened one in all likelihood. The pitch is going to remain in favor of the bowlers and the outfield is going to be even slower after the rain falls down.

A total of around 120 is going to be pretty hard to chase down.

BTC vs GHG Betting Tips

We think the two wins in the T10 matches would have given BTC the confidence they need to try and get over their losing streak.

Bet on BTC to win.

Today Match Prediction

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club To Win the Match, 3.00

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Who will win BTC vs GHG

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club 57.9% (246)
GYM Helsinki Gymkhana 42.1% (179)
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