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cricket betting tips

How to improve your gambling with these nine cricket betting tips


Why are cricket betting tips useful?

Betting on your favorite team makes you get enthusiastic when talking about cricket betting tips, feeling all the excitement about your favorite sport is more exciting too. Fun88 However, what’s the best part of cricket betting?

The greatest part of cricket betting is not the passion, but the money. That’s true: when betting on Cricket betting a team, you are able to earn an extra money wherever and whenever you want, but you must have an accurate strategy to do so.

That’s why here we have some cricket betting tips for you to help you become a better gambler when you are staking on your chosen teams.

Nine cricket betting tips you really need


Cricket betting is very simple; you just have to access one of the many betting websites that exist and make your predictions. But before you start gambling, there are a few tips you need to be clear about before you start placing your bets.

  2. Choose the best sign-up bonus: The bookmakers' welcome bonuses are very simple. Once registered, the bookmaker offers us the opportunity to try our luck with an extra bonus to the money deposited. A simple mechanism with which we do not invest our own money before starting to play.
  4. Set limits: Once we have chosen the bookmaker where we will start making our predictions, and before we start betting, it is very important to set some limits.
  6. Even if you are a great expert of a certain sport, follow your team every day and know all the news surrounding a big cricket event, not always happens what you think, so it is important not to exceed the limits. No matter if you are betting for money, have fun and be responsible.
  8. Get informed before you bet: We are already in. We have deposited, we have benefited from the welcome bonus and we are clear about our limits. Fun88 Now it's time to know what to bet on. We must choose a sporting event and review all the information that surrounds it.
  10. The protagonists, the injured, the statistics, the playing surface, the weather. Everything matters! That is why, before selecting our prediction, we must consider all these factors.
  12. Do not bet on what you don't know: Having a previous knowledge of what we are going to bet on is key to try to make a profit. Cricket, for example.
  14. Find your market: The offer of markets to bet on an event is becoming wider and wider. Bookmakers have strengthened their offer and you can bet on almost everything. That is why, after analyzing the different options, it is best to become strong in one market.
  16. Combine your bets: Do you want to increase your odds? Well, there is a simple way to do it, combine your bets. Adding several bets can multiply your result, keep in mind, but you also must know that the excess makes the complexity rise. Combinations of two or three events may be successful, but if you add six or seven markets, the chances of success are far away.
  18. Set yourself a profit limit when cricket betting: Having a deposit limit is required, but it is also important to have a profit limit. When you reach your goal, withdraw. You have already won, enjoy.
  20. Take advantage of promotions: One attraction of bookmakers is their promotions. Visit the promotions page whenever possible. This is one of the best cricket betting tips.
  22. Close your bet: This alternative has become a staple of bookmaker options, so you can close your stake before the end of the match and not jeopardize your profits. And do not forget that you can only bet if you are of legal age and a responsible enough person to do so.

How to read cricket betting lines?


Cricket betting can be quite profitable if you understand the lines and have thoroughly researched the players or teams you want to bet on.

It is easy, but it can seem like an intimidating task for new players. Sports betting lines are made up of odds, team names and markets that you will use to decide the amount of bet you want to place, whether it's on a we
ak team or a favorite.

Therefore, bettors should understand that lines are different at each sportsbook and are sometimes designed to suit a particular clientele. The above is the reason why people are encouraged to play at more than one sportsbook, as it will be much easier for them to look for the best line to win.

Another important thing to keep in mind when reading sports betting lines is that they do not remain static throughout the day. The lines are subject to change by sportsbooks due to events such as injuries and changes in the weather, so you should be aware when placing sports bets.

How to read cricket betting lines?

Remember we said that sports betting lines are made up of betting odds, and if you can understand the odds then these will be one of the main determinants of worthwhile bets. Odds are usually displayed in different fo
rmats even for free sports betting lines at the bookmaker.

Format of cricket betting odds

  • Fractional odds: are unique and are in fractional format, for example (9/5); if you ever want to bet on
  • boxing or horse racing, you should read fractional odds as nine to five and not nine over five.
  • Decimal odds: is a three-digit number with a decimal point between the first and second digit (2.40).

Every time you want to place a bet, you will notice that it comes in this format (-110), this usually appears next to your bet and is the commission you will pay to the sportsbook before they will accept your bet.

The commission is called "vig", "vigorish" or "juice". If we look at it in a practical betting scenario it means that you will have to risk $110 to win $100.

It is important to note that the juice is not static, sometimes it could be a positive number, such as (+110), which means that if you bet $100, and you hit then you will win up to $110 but if you lose, you will only lose the $100 wagered.

The best cricket betting lines are balanced, but if this were not the case, the bookmaker may inadvertently have too much action on one side and, on many occasions, it results in disaster. There are, therefore, occasions when risk can give profits to the bettors, or to the sportsbook, but remember that we are not talking about flukes but calculated risks.

Therefore, we insist initially that players must first gain experience through free sports betting lines. The latter will allow them to observe the movement of the line, and how much it has moved. They will also know when the sportsbook holds the line and will be able to observe how long the line will hold or adjust their bets accordingly to make a profit.

Cricket betting markets and lines

Totals (over/under) Sportsbooks sometimes provide bettors with the total number of points scored by both teams in a game. This is called totals, over/under. Now your job as a bettor is to decide whether the game will be over/under.

Favorites and underdog betting lines

Before a bookmaker will publish a betting line on a particular game, they will have first decided on which team will be the favorite and which team will be the underdog.

Now, if you look at the lines closely, you will notice that there is one team with a minus sign at the front of their odds, this team is considered the favorite, and the sportsbook expects them to win the match. The odds with a plus sign are those of the underdogs and the bookmakers expect them to lose the match.

In this type of market, the match could also end in a draw. The latter is an outcome that implies that either team could win, in which case the bookmaker will open with a "selection", or a "pick".

When it comes to betting on favorites or underdogs, you can do so through money line or spread betting; the spread or point spread is usually a bet on the margin of victory. If you choose this option, the underdog will get points while the favorite will give points.

You can also bet on favorites or underdogs through the money line cricket betting market, the favorites, in this case, will have a minus sign like -200 which means you will have to risk about $200, to win $100. So, if the favorite loses, you lose $200, but if he wins, you get $100.

Still, in the money line market, the underdogs will receive a + sign, such as +200, so if you go to bet $100 on them and they win, you will take $200, but if they lose, the $100 you bet will also be lost. Therefore, it's safe to say that bettors tend to make more profit by betting on underdogs.

When it comes to how to read sports betting lines, there are many aspects that you must put into perspective if you want to keep making profits.

The first thing is that the sports book will always want to make a profit and that as the line is created, aspects such as injuries, the relationship between the players and the coach, the home advantage and the time the game is played are all considered; aspects that you also need to make sure about. If you want to get into cricket betting, visit Fun88.

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