Nine cricket betting mistakes newbies make

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Cricket betting mistakes you must avoid


What are the most common mistakes when practicing online cricket betting?


Have you made a mistake when Fun88 cricket betting? Probably you believe you are doing the right things when staking on your favorite teams when you are online gambling.

cricket betting

However, if you are new at cricket betting you must need to check out if you are really doing it right it or not with these cricket betting tips.

If you are aware about what errors to avoid, you will keep your money safe. Enjoy online cricket betting with responsibility and consider checking if you are making some of the top mistakes some newbies make. Even tough, if you are an expert, you can check out whether you are betting wisely or not.

Continue reading and find out about the mistakes you must avoid when practicing cricket betting.

  2. First mistake: bet with money you need
  4. The golden rule of cricket betting. Money you deposit at a bookmaker, money you should write off. That does not mean that, necessarily, you are going to lose all the money you deposit, but under no circumstances should you bet Fun88 money you need for anything else in your day to day life. These are not frequent cases, but there are people who have even put money in a cricket betting house to pay bills or rent.
  6. Then come the hostages and the bad guy will be the cricket betting industry, instead of the null responsibility of the individual. Therefore, only use in bets money you do not need.
  8. Second mistake: Bet to recover losses
  10. Another classic mistake, one of those that tends to occur the most. At the same time, it is one of the ones that carries the most losses. It is not at all uncommon to see someone who starts betting, put in double the "normal" after a failed bet to try to recover losses from the previous one. This can work out well from time to time, of course.
  12. After all, even a broken clock tells the time twice a day. Not only because of the money amount, but also because psychologically it breaks your schemes. In cricket betting, only the one who maintains discipline and correct bankroll management is successful.
  14. If you make a bet that you would not make if you had not failed one before, you are doomed to failure. Gambling to recover is the beginning of the end and it is guaranteed. Believe it!
  16. Third mistake: trusting everyone
  18. At first, you get on Instagram, Twitter or Telegram looking for people to follow in betting. We think we are going to hit on someone who is going to make us rich. Which are usually the channels you find first?
  20. Obviously, those that invest the most resources in being seen. Channels with tens of thousands of followers (mostly fake) that try to pretend they always win. And when they fail, they will not take long to remind you that yesterday they were right, or two days ago. That’s why you must not trust on all tipsters.
  22. Are all of them a fake? Not exactly. However, in the cricket betting industry it is imperative to start with distrust. Want to follow someone? Perfect, observe their behavior for a while without following their bets. How do they react when they win and when they lose?
  24. Fourth mistake: Not getting a cricket betting record
  26. It is vital to have an excel sheet (or a notebook) where to write down all the bets we place. Why is it so important? It may seem obvious, but if you don't keep track of where you are winning money and where you are losing it... how are you going to improve?
  28. It does not have to be a meticulous record, but you should know at all times how much you have won or lost, in which sport or market or with which tipster you have followed. One of the biggest mistakes in cricket betting is not knowing where the money is coming in or going out. It's a bit boring to do it, but it really doesn't take more than five minutes a day.
  30. Fifth mistake: Betting more than the 10% on a single bet
  32. The highlight of this guide and probably the most common cricket betting mistakes. When you start you do it with a small deposit, usually between 10$ and 50$. You read and study that you should never bet more than 10% on a single bet, but at the same time your head thinks... "to bet 1$ or 2$ and win 2$ or 3$ I do not bet".
  34. Someone who would talk to you openly would tell you... and what the hell do you expect by depositing 10 dollars? The way out that these people find are the combilocks. Combined very high odds of six, nine or 15 events where you bet pennies or one dollar. If it comes out, you win, don't you? Well, the battlefield is full of corpses with combilocks.
  36. It is much more likely that your 10 $ will run out before you hit one of those. It may even happen sometime, that with 1 $ you get 100 $, for example. But then? Simple, you will do the same thing again, with more money... and you will end up at zero.
  38. From time to time it is not bad to make it in case it is needed. It's fun. But as a piece of advice I would say that if you feel like doing it, do it with a part of the profits you made the previous week, for example. If you ended up negative the week before, this week there is none.
  40. Sixth mistake: the mini-betting fees
  42. "It is impossible that this 1.15 odds will not come out" or "I combine two 1.10 odds that are certain, and it is a 20% profit" are phrases that are usually read in groups of newbies. We tend to think that 1.21 odds are almost impossible not to win, but it is still something more than 80%. Far from "guaranteed".
  44. In cricket betting it is feasible to be a winner at any odds range but keeping in mind that this is still a matter of probabilities.
  46. Seventh mistake: betting on something you do not know
  48. Sofa, blanket, movies... and we open our betting house with the mobile to see what is there to put a few cues. A very normal situation among beginners. Would you buy a pair of shoes without knowing what size they are or a car without knowing how many horsepower it has? No, wouldn't you? Then... why would you put money in an Asian tennis match or in the fourth division of Ugandan soccer? Surely, if you do, it will be with little money.
  50. But one pinch, after another, means that at the end of the month the money you have put into events you do not know about is much more than you imagined. Focus your money and effort on things you know and have studied and that’s it!
  52. Eighth mistake: ignore the rules of the sport you are gambling on
  54. If you are going to invest money in something, at least bother to know all the rules inside out. Something that is so simple, is a real money drain for many in the beginning. That’s why you must not never forget the rules of the sport you are betting on. Remember that cricket betting requires discipline and the ability of making wise decisions.
  56. Ninth mistake: not managing your money
  58. Whether investing in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, a business or cricket betting, you always have to have the same thing: a plan. One of the most important plans in betting is how you are going to manage your capital. A set of rules that define how much you are going to bet based on determined parameters.
  60. If it can be in writing, all the better, so that you have a better record of everything for you. It cannot be that in a bet you put 1% and in the following one 20% without having clear the reason that has led you to that decision.
  62. Before entering the bet, you must be more than clear about what percentage of your bankroll you are going to invest and why. Without money management, it is impossible to survive.

As you may have seen, none of these cricket betting mistakes are anything to write home about. Even tough, some of them, at least, you will have felt identified. Maybe because you are making it now or because you did it at the time.

Anyway, it is so important to avoid those mistakes to keep your money safe. Remember that even you bet due to the money, it is important to afford money wisely.

Strive to improve your staking performance by following these cricket betting tips very often from the errors and weakness at the game. Your bookie may have been laughing at you for years if you make the same mistakes over and over. You have it in your power though to improve your betting and hopefully wipe that smile from his face for good.

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